Arhiv: “DIFFERENT, BUT THE SAME” Second meeting

september 28, 2006

3.4.2005, Sunday
Our journey began at 4 am. We were headed to Slovakia. After 4 hours of driving along a good Hungarian motorway we stopped at Blatno jezero. The “cappuccino” we had there reminded us we were in a popular tourist resort, though we were almost the only tourists there. We continued our journey to Budapest. When we came there we went up the “Citadel” from where we enjoyed the beauty of the city below. Yes it is true. Budapest is really a very impressive city. After doing some shopping at the stalls there we dismounted to the city centre where we did some sightseeing. When we were looking for the cathedral we met our Polish partners. Unluckily, we could not continue our way together as they we bound to the part of the city we had already visited. Walking along the sunny and crowded streets of Budapest already in this time of the year was not extremely enjoyable especially for of our male coordinator. We took a train up the hill wher we admired the castle of Buda and different churches.
In the afternoon we continued our trip to Želiezovce in Slovakia. As we were approaching the town we students were getting more and more nervous, because we did not know the students and their families. We were somehow anxiously waiting to meet our hosts. It was different with out teachers. They have already met the teachers and their feelings were more relaxed and less thrilled. After an hour of drive from Budapest we finally came there. Everything was so strange because we did not know how we would cope with Slovakian students. But we did. They were very friendly and they took us to their houses. Exhausted as we were we all just fell in to the beds and fell a sleep.
4.4.2005, Monday
When we came together in the morning we hardly wait to express our first impressions. We all had very good experiences.
Our first day in Želiezovce started with a presentation of all participating countries: Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia. Slovakian students started with a program, and they really impressed us all. They were singing, dancing, acting… And then both guest countries had very short and simple presentations of their countries. In the afternoon we went to see the town Želiezovce. We were taken to the church, park, school and to Schubert’s house. Then Slovakian students took us to the place, named the Bowling centre, where we could bowl and play billiards. We had great fun there. This bowling centre became our meeting point where we talked and had nice time together. And so the day was over, and we all went to our new homes.

5.4.2005, Tuesday
Tuesday was meant to be a working day for all of us participants of the meeting.
We had a conference in the morning. We were discussing the differences that exist among all three countries: Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland. We found out that we are not only different in many ways, but also similar in many aspects.
In the end we found out that it does not matter how different we are, what matters is that we are all human beings who want to have a nice life and want to be loved. We also talked about disabled people and how we should treat and help them. Our conclusion was that we should accept them the way they are and treat them the way they want to be treated. The conference was two hours long and before we finished we made a detailed plan of our further work.
In the afternoon we went to a museum of different nationalities and ethnic groups which coexist in this neighbourhood. In the museum a very kind guide told us a lot of interesting things about the life there nowadays and in the past. They also had a room full of dolls and each doll presented one of the European countries.
But the evening was again reserved for bowling. We had a lot of fun there. We were chatting, playing billiards and talking about all the things we saw and learn that day.

6.4.2005, Wednesday
Just another ordinary day, but not for us! In the morning we went to Komarno. This is a city on the south Slovakia. A bus took us there and we really did not enjoy the ride very much as the roads are extremely bad and their buses are not very luxurious. But it was worth as Komarno is a very nice town with the so called centre Europalia, where the front sides of the houses represent the typical facades of all the EU countries. We saw very familiar houses from Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, etc. We found also Slovakian and Polish facades, but somehow we could not find our Slovenian typical house. In the afternoon we went to Levitze with our teachers to by some souvenirs and gifts for our parents. Also this evening was not much different. We had great fun with our Polish and Slovakian friends and we made many new friendships we will not forget so easily. We knew that we will meet each other once again, hopefully in Slovenia in October, but if not, world is really turning into a global village and distances are no longer unconquerable.

7.4.2005, Thursday
The day of our departure! We were all sad, because we had to go home so soon. We would like to stay a little bit longer, because everybody was so nice to us. The good-bye was hard, but we made it. On our way home we stopped in Višnje grad in Hungary. We admired the beauty of the castle and were deeply impressed by the beauty of the view. Below the castle there is the magnificent Danube. We somehow had the feeling that we were not far away from our Koroška because of the powerful history of King Matias – our Kralj Matjaž who used to live there.
As we were still far away from Slovenia we had to continue our way home. Next day we had different duties and obligations to carry out. In the evening we were finally home, we were back in our country. To be honest, it is a good feeling to be back home, despite the fact that it was not bad to be abroad at all. But the proverb ” Home sweet home” is more than true. But what is also true is that we will miss our new friends from Slovakia and Poland, and we hope we will see them again!

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