september 28, 2006

Our topic: “Big, small, young and old”

Our school participates in the project that is sponsored by EU. Within the project there are also other European countries: Poland and Slovakia. The toppic is: YOUNG, OLD, SMALL AND BIG.

Our aims

To spread awareness, tolerance and knowledge about people who have special needs, no matter whether having just learning-problems or being physically handy-capped.
To find out about the opportunities disabled people have in our society.
We are going to focus on elder people in particular, since being old should not be considered a disease.

What we intend to create within the project

In the course of the project we intend to organize meetings and several different get-togethers in our local old people’s home.
The students would spend time with the residents discussing different topics or literary work, watching and discussing films and TV-shows, helping residents in their everyday life and thereby provide company, help and entertainment, which would, according to our opinion, help avoid boredom and lethargy amongst residents.
In addition we are going to make some research work on the social acceptance of disabled people. We will try to find out about the status disabled people have in our educational system and the employment-market.

How we are going to present our work

At the end of the project we are going to make a presentation at our school, we will make our own web site, we will produce a brochure and we will of course write articles for newspapers and held interviews on the local radio.

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